Protect hungry children from budget politics

The proposed budget resolution from the House of Representatives would cripple efforts to feed America’s hungry children. Your voice can help defeat these heartless proposals.

We are working with hunger groups, educators, and our network of partners around the nation to stand up for the 13 million kids facing hunger and stop these cuts. Now we need your help.

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Protect hungry children from budget politics

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing today to request that you oppose massive budget cuts to federal nutrition programs aimed at feeding hungry children.

It's a sad fact that in this rich nation of ours, almost 13 million children still face hunger.

The budget proposal now pending in the U.S. House of Representatives would:

* Lead to $150 billion in cuts from SNAP, one of most powerful tools we have for ending childhood hunger, making it harder for millions to eat and

* Significantly cut the number of schools that can participate in the Community Eligibility Provision, a program that helps schools with higher populations of low-income students cut through red tape and streamline their meal programs. This helps more than 9.7 million kids get free school meals.

Together these cuts takes food out of the mouths of hungry children.

Childhood hunger in America in a preventable tragedy. These budget cuts represent a heartless and shortsighted step in the wrong direction.

As a voter, I am counting on you to oppose any cuts in federal programs for hungry children.

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