One phone call can make a big difference in the lives of hungry children. It only takes a minute to call Congress to urge your representatives to help end childhood hunger in America.

Thirteen million kids in the United States are affected by hunger. This takes a profound toll on their health, their happiness, and their ability to find success in the future. Federal nutrition programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as "food stamps"), school meals and WIC work together to make sure kids have access to the food they need.

Please urge your members to protect and support programs that provide children with the reliable, healthy food they need to grow up strong.

When you call 877-752-6479, we will connect you to a staffer in your Member's office. Simply thank them for standing up for kids and urge them to support federal nutrition programs which can end childhood hunger in this country. Below are some words you can say verbatim. You can also come up with your own message. Thank you for being a part of this important moment.

Hi, my name is _________. I'd like to leave a message. I'm calling to urge my member of Congress to protect and support federal nutrition programs like SNAP, WIC and school meals. These programs work together to make sure kids get the food they need to grow up smart, healthy and strong. That's good for kids and it's good for our state. Thank you for taking a stand for kids in need.


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Thirteen million children in America struggle with hunger.

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