No Kid Hungry in the Summertime


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No Kid Hungry in the Summertime

Dear Members of Congress,

Summer can be the hungriest time of year for kids in need. When schools close, school meals disappear, and for many of these kids, summers are a time of hunger and anxiety. As a supporter of Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign, we have committed significant resources to ending childhood hunger.

Due to current regulations, the national summer meals program isn't able to effectively reach kids in many communities across the country. We need to improve this program to ensure more meals are reaching the kids who need them..

I am deeply concerned about children and families in our state, and I know you are too. I hope you'll stand up for them and improve the summer meals program.

In 2015, Congress has the chance to help millions of hungry kids get the nutrition they need. As you work on Child Nutrition Reauthorization this year, I urge you to support efforts to improve the summer meals program. Specifically, states and communities need more options to implement programs that reach kids in more effective and efficient ways.

We are proud to invest in the No Kid Hungry campaign, and we look forward to finding ways that we can collaborate together to find more long-term, sustainable solutions to getting kids the food they need to thrive.

Thank you.

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