Chefs Support Child Nutrition Legislation

Chefs Move to Schools at the White HouseAs a chef, we need your help. We have an historic opportunity to make progress on child hunger and obesity as Congress is considering a "child nutrition reauthorization bill" that has the potential to dramatically improve nutrition for America's children.

As a leader in your community deeply invested in the food system, let your elected leaders know that this issue is an important one by signing the petition below.

"I, of in , work hard every day to bring good quality food to people in my community. I believe that each child in America deserves access to nutritious food at every meal, both in school and out, so that they can thrive. That is why I support a strong child nutrition bill.

As a chef I know the importance of nutritional quality, but I also know that we cannot make real progress against child hunger or childhood obesity if children do not have access to these programs. With this legislation, our country has the potential to make significant progress against both childhood obesity and child hunger by making important investments in both improved nutrition and increased program access.

I ask the House of Representatives to help make this vision a reality by passing the House child nutrition bill and paying for it without taking resources away from other programs on which low-income children and their families rely."

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Chefs Move to Schools at the White House
Sam Kass, Senior Policy Adviser For Healthy Food Initiatives to the President speaks to chefs at a June rally on the White House lawn.