No Kid Hungry

Are Kids Really Going Hungry
in America?

No one wants even a single child to miss a meal, but how serious a problem is childhood hunger in the United States, really? Take our quiz and see how you do.

No Kid Hungry
1. How many kids are living with hunger in the United States right now?

The correct answer is B. As many as 1 in 6 children face hunger in the United States today.

That’s a crisis. Your support of No Kid Hungry helps schools and communities across the country serve healthy meals to children who need them.

No Kid Hungry
Hunger heroes like you are essential to helping connect kids to the meals they need. Join Team No Kid Hungry today to continue the quiz!
No Kid Hungry
2. What happened with kids and hunger during the coronavirus pandemic?

The correct answer is A. More children faced hunger during the pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, we saw childhood hunger drop to its lowest rate in a decade - thanks in part to the meals programs you support through No Kid Hungry. But when the pandemic hit, childhood hunger soared as schools closed and parents lost their jobs.

Luckily, we were able to feed a lot of kids during the crisis. Your support helped No Kid Hungry provide over $100 million in emergency grants to community groups feeding children and push for policies that helped kids.

No Kid Hungry
3. Childhood hunger is mostly a problem in low-income communities.

Correct Answer: False

Nearly 12 million children face hunger in the United States today - and they live in every community, even middle-class or affluent ones. The pandemic reminded us that hunger can affect any family, anytime, anywhere.

No Kid Hungry
4. Kids face hunger because their parents didn’t make good choices in life.

Correct Answer: False.

Everyone’s story is different, but most families facing hunger are doing everything in their power to take care of their children. In many families facing food insecurity, parents and older siblings are more likely to skip meals to make sure younger children have enough to eat. And many Americans who find themselves struggling are facing lost jobs or catastrophic healthcare costs.

No Kid Hungry
5. What will it take to feed every child in America?

Correct answer: B.

The correct answer is B. We already have terrific systems in place that reach millions of kids, like those in our neighborhood schools.

Your support of No Kid Hungry goes to help these local schools buy equipment and get the support and know-how they need to make sure they're taking full advantage of the meals programs and funding that already exist. We also advocate for kids with lawmakers, so that school meals programs get the support and funding they need.

No Kid Hungry
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