TELL CONGRESS: Expand the Child Tax Credit


The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would expand the Child Tax Credit, ensuring families with low incomes receive a credit for every child. This is a meaningful step in the right direction, providing much needed resources to help families buy food and diapers, pay for childcare and meet other essential needs.

16 million kids could see the benefits of this expansion, but only if it passes in the Senate. We need your help. Contact your Senators today to urge them to pass this pivotal improvement to the Child Tax Credit.

Personalizing your letter below will go further. To make your message more effective, please share why it’s important to you to support families and kids in your community.

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Expand the Child Tax Credit

Dear [Decision Maker],

The Child Tax Credit is an effective, proven way to lift children out of poverty. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the enhanced Child Tax Credit had a significant, measurable and immediate impact providing financial relief for families and slashing child poverty rates nationwide. The bill in front of you today has the power to lift half a million kids out of poverty this year.

By offering the Child Tax Credit to every child in a family with some of the lowest incomes, they can better make ends meet at a time of high food and housing costs. This bill supports families, fights hunger and reduces poverty.

I urge you to pass this pivotal improvement to the Child Tax Credit for families and kids nationwide.

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