TELL CONGRESS: Don’t Shut Down the Government


A government shutdown is looming on Saturday at midnight unless Congress finds a pathway forward to fund the government.

We need your help. Contact your members of Congress today to urge action to avert a shutdown, which would have both immediate and longer-term impacts on critical government assistance programs like WIC, SNAP and school meals, and put millions of new moms, children and families at risk of hunger and hardship.

Personalizing your letter below will go further. To make your message more effective, please share why it's important to you to feed kids and families in need.

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Avoid a Shutdown for Millions of Moms and Kids

Dear [Decision Maker],

A government shutdown would have immediate and longer-term impacts on critical government assistance programs, including WIC, SNAP and school meals.

If the government shuts down, nearly 7 million moms and children will almost immediately lose access to the vital nutrition services provided by WIC.

I urge you to find bipartisan consensus on a continuing resolution that would avoid a shutdown and protect millions of moms, children and families from hunger and hardship.

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