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Thank you for taking action to help hungry kids. Our petition is now closed, but you can still weigh in on this issue by sending the following message to your Members of Congress.

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Extend Child Nutrition Waivers

Dear [Decision Maker],

The failure to extend critical child nutrition waivers is also a failure for the 1 in 6 kids facing hunger today and the school nutrition staff who have worked heroically to feed them throughout the pandemic.

In the face of severe supply chain disruptions, rapidly rising food costs and staffing shortages, schools need the continued flexibility to meet these challenges in real time.

This is what is at stake if child nutrition waivers are not extended:

*Many schools will be unable to open summer meal sites, putting children at risk of missing out on more than 95 million meals this summer alone;

*Children in rural communities, who already face barriers to accessing summer meals, will be at particular risk when meal providers will no longer be allowed to meet kids where they are by reimagining traditional summer meal service;

*School food budgets, already taking a hit from rising food costs, will go deeper into the red because of decreased reimbursements and financial penalties for not meeting federal nutrition requirements if certain food products are not available due to supply chain disruptions;

*Schools will lose the flexibility to serve meals in creative, pandemic-friendly ways that help keep kids in classrooms as COVID cases rise and fall in their communities and districts deal with ongoing staffing shortages.

I urge you - Congress and the White House - to find a solution to extend these critical child nutrition waivers.

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