URGENT: Stand up for hungry kids

Right now, Congress is making critical decisions about policies that help feed kids. We have a small but important window of opportunity to make sure these policies make it into this year's reconciliation bill, which is being drafted right now.

Tell Congress to prioritize our nation’s kids by making crucial updates to proven policies and programs that feed children.

Personalizing your letter below will go further. To make your message more effective, please share why it's important to you to feed kids and families in need.

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Prioritize kids by building back better

Dear [Decision Maker],

Today, millions of children are facing hunger in the wake of the COVID pandemic. And while millions more were spared from this crisis, the truth is, that's in large part to Congressional action.

But action is needed again.

New and enhanced policies are helping to feed more kids than ever before, but they must be extended and strengthened by passing the Build Back Better plan.

First, the expanded, fully refundable Child Tax Credit must be extended beyond the end of this year. It's a game-changer for ending child poverty, helping families pay for necessities like food for the fridge, rent, diapers and utilities. If the expanded CTC is not extended, as many as 27 million kids will lose out on this critical benefit. Extending it would also lift nearly 10 million kids from poverty.

Second, the Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer program, or Summer EBT, must be made available nationwide. This program helps get more food to kids in need when schools are out of session by giving parents and caregivers an additional benefit to buy groceries in the summer months.

And finally, the Community Eligibility Program, or CEP, must be strengthened. CEP gives schools the ability to reach more kids in the highest poverty areas with the meals they need with less red tape. This helps kids focus on learning and not their empty stomachs.

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