Tell Your Representative to Vote No on the 2018 House Farm Bill


The House is gearing up for another vote on the 2018 Farm Bill. We're deeply opposed to this legislation and are urging the House to vote NO on this legislation. The House Farm Bill would be devastating for low-income families and children, leading to more poverty and hunger in America. But, we have a chance to stop this bill before it goes any further. 

Your support can make a big difference in the lives of hungry kids in America. Thanks for making your voice heard.

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Vote No on the 2018 House Farm Bill

Dear [Decision Maker],

The House Farm Bill would make it harder for low-income families to meet their basic needs. I'm writing to oppose the benefit cuts, punitive work requirements, and harmful policy changes to SNAP benefits that would impact millions of families, potentially causing as many as 2 million people to lose SNAP benefits and 265,000 children to lose free school meals. These drastic policy changes will only exacerbate hunger, food insecurity, and poverty among low-income families and children who are already struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis.

SNAP is the first line of defense against hunger by providing millions of low-income Americans, especially children, people with disabilities and seniors with the nutritious food they need to lead a healthy and productive life. The program promotes better physical, social and emotional health, as well as improved educational outcomes.

I urge you to support hardworking families and kids by protecting SNAP, opposing the House Farm Bill, and giving your support to the Senate Farm Bill as passed out of committee. Kids are counting on you.

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