1 in 6 kids in America struggle with hunger.
But we have a solution.

When you make breakfast part of the regular school day — served to kids in class or from grab-and-go kiosks — you can reach a lot more kids.

Email your governor and urge them to support breakfast programs that help connect more kids with the meals they need!

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Help make breakfast after the bell a reality

Dear Governor,

With your guidance, school breakfast programs can run more efficiently and reach more kids with the food they need to grow up strong. The most effective solution is to make breakfast a seamless part of the school day. Serving breakfast after the official start of school can have a huge impact on health, behavior, and academic success.

When kids consistently get the nutrition they need, they feel better, learn more, and grow up stronger. And that means a smarter, healthier, more productive state.

Thank you for taking my views into consideration

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